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Buy a Business

Interesting to live in the US?


Do you know that buying a business allows you and your family group to live and work legally in the US, indefinitely?

Visas like E2 allow you to establish a living in the US for you and your family group, investment from USD 150, 000.00 let your dream come true.

When buying a business there’s some details you have to consider:

First you will need to hire a professional to analyze the business properly; even you are the expert because you know the business more than your agent, he will help you to perform the correct DUE DILIGENCE, in order to verify all the aspects of the business:

  1. Structure of the property
  2. fixtures
  3. Permit Licenses
  4. Inventory
  5. Gross sales, Expenses & Gross Net
  6. Lease pending and options for renew it
  7. Finally closing and transfer to your company under an attorney law firm

Buying a business isn’t so simple and have a lot of variables you may analyze, being advised for the right professional will save you a lot of money and will be the key of your succeed.

For a consultation Email or Call Daniel Dubin, expert in Business and Business with property: