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Buyer Resources to buy a Condo or dream Home


Choosing the Right Agent

When starting the process of buying a condominium, choosing the right agent is one of the most important decisions. Many buyers just randomly pick an agent without asking the agent four simple questions:

  • How many buyers have you helped buying condos in the past?
  • Are you familiar with how associations work?
  • What do you have to watch out for when buying a condominium?
  • Can you help me rent (year round or vacation rental) my property if I purchased it for investment purposes?

I can offer you years of experience and I have assisted many buyers by helping them find the right property, by negotiating on their behalf and by leading them thru the sometimes overwhelming closing process. We also work hand in hand with my rental team which can quickly give you an idea about the rental potential of any condo you’re interested in.

Also working with foreign National

Advice them the best way to buy the property thinking in the future and analyzing each particular situation or goal, the same strategy doesn’t work for everybody.

When buying a property for a foreign national I help you step by step going to the closing safety and quickly,

So many agents look forward to sell and look for new customer, I take care of my Clients differently, I take care of the property post closing, advice him/her of the necessary renovation if is a income property in order to achieve the best income, and do the management

Even if you live in Argentina, Brazil, Russian, New York or any part of the world you can count with someone responsible that will take care of the investment

Obtain a financing

My team also have a mortgage broker ready to assist you if that is the case, currently the market is loan friendly and there s very good programs for domestic and foreign national buyers.

Do you know if you are a foreign national you can access to loans until 30 years fixed starting as low as 3.75% Yearly with 35% down payment, maybe you are thinking as a foreign national you don’t have access to a loan, well I can help you out,

About me

10 years experience in Residential and Pre Construction properties
Top Producer in Pre Construction building in 2014

  • English
  • Spanish